Bear enters home in the woods. Here’s how residents helped it escape

Several people like to spend time close to nature. However, nature is full of adventures that present themselves in surprising ways.

This family living in Northern Alberta, Canada faced one such adventure and their story about it may leave you shuddering. Their ordeal involved an unwelcome guest, a bear that entered their home.

Facebook user Sean Reddy took to the platform to share pictures of the scary incident along with a detailed account of their course of action to help the animal leave their home.

Reddy captioned his post as, “Fun times living in the woods of Northern Alberta!” aptly explaining the experience his family had.

Reddy begins by mentioning how he walking his dogs when he found the bear outside the garage which was open.

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However, that was only the beginning as the bear roamed further into their home before the family managed to force it to leave.

Read the entire post here to know how what the family did.

Fun times living in the woods of Northern Alberta! ?
So I walked around from the backyard to the front with the dogs…

Posted by Sean Reddy on Monday, 4 October 2021

Over 500 people have liked the post up since it was posted on October 5. Netizens seemed thrilled to read about the incident. A Facebook user even joked that this explains why he is afraid to go out after dark with his dog.

“Wow. Never a dull moment when you live in bear country,” wrote a user.

“Wow…..that’s quite the story to tell….actually you should write a children’s book about it,” wrote another.

“When I say I’m scared to go outside with the dog after dark this is what I think will happen hahaha,” wrote a third.