Watch how this dog cleverly steals treat from another sleeping pooch

There are many dog videos shared on the Internet that are funny. Those delightful videos never fail to amuse netizens.

A recent inclusion to that list of funny dog videos involves two pooches and a treat. The video is hilarious, and makes for a fun watch. It may also give you a glimpse of how sneaky some canines can be.

The video opens to show one of the dogs slowly and steadily stealing a bone-shaped treat from another sleeping pooch.

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To ensure the other dog doesn’t wake up from its movements, the pooch carefully uses its paw to remove the treat. The animal’s efforts do yield results, as the dog finally manages to get hold of the item without waking up the other pooch. Towards the end of the video, the dog is seen sitting opposite to the sleeping pooch while enjoying its loot.

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